Jacobs answers key questions with “I don’t recall.”

Jacobs announced that she would keep her hands under the table during her deposition.

Jacobs was instructed not to answer questions which were not privileged.

Jacobs attorney, Brian Ashe of Seyfarth Shaw, can be heard typing away furiously on his laptop during the deposition.  Jacobs was observed holding her mobile device in her hands under the table

Jacobs had to be reminded she was the SVP of Information Technology for Digital Realty.   Couldn’t recall month or year she was promoted to SVP.

Jacobs claims she didn’t know of any data retention policy at Digital.

When the deposition questions hit pay dirt, Mr. Ashe stood up and asked to go “off record” because he had an important email to send.

Four hours of obstructionist behavior.

The Plaintiff terminated the deposition and is seeking sanctions.





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